A furious storm. A fight for survival. An impossible adventure.

Five years ago, a great expedition set sail for lands unknown, captained by the Empress’s own cousin. They swore to find what lay across the Sunfire Sea for the glory of the Decadin Empire…They never returned.

Today, Early Wills spends his days swabbing decks. But at least the planks he battles with his mop belong to the Pride of the Empress, the tallest, mightiest ship in Her Majesty’s Blueguard navy. Joining an expedition to learn the royal cousin’s fate seemed a good deal more exciting to young Early than helping his parents bring the day’s catch to market.

The salt air is bracing, and the promise of the unknown a powerful lure. But danger lurks beyond each wave in the Sunfire Sea.

As great thunderheads gather over the Pride, Early can’t help but remember the sailors’ tales about the ancient horror that broods in the clouds. Relic of the Lost Gods. Lightning incarnate. The Elder of Storms.

Will Early and his companions discover what became of the Lost Expedition?

Or will they fall prey to a power humankind was never meant to face?