What I’m doing at the moment (Late January 2019)

  • Putting a post on this blog every Monday (still without a queue… you’d think I’d have learned by now)
  • Working on my first novel; I’ve hired Joe Nassise as a coach, we’ve had several bi-weekly calls, and he hasn’t told me my writing sucks yet, so!
    • To get more specific, I’m 22,995 words into the first draft. Aiming to have it done end of March… though I’ll be happy if it takes even twice that long. 🙂

What I’m reading about

  • Started reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic – it may not be your cuppatea, but so far every page makes me smile. She has such a vibrant voice, like she’s talking to a friend after midnight and a fair few espresso martinis. It’s the way I want my blog to sound (though obviously in my own voice, not hers)
  • I’m about 30% of the way through Neal Stephenson’s Anathem, and it’s terrific. Having just come off a couple of thriller novels, this book plods by comparison, yet the bizarre world slowly being revealed keeps me turning the pages. First thing by Stephenson I’ve read after hearing his name often lauded, and I am not disappointed.

Apps I’m trying out

  • Streaks, which is a very nice way to encourage some of those atomic habits I mentioned above: it lets you define up to a dozen things to either do or not do, with flexible occurrence settings (like do this three times a day, do that once a week, do the other every Tuesday and Thursday…) and sends you notifications when you haven’t done them. And you can easily check things off in a satisfying way on your iPhone or Apple Watch. It’s nothing you couldn’t do with a pen and paper, but it’s automated and aesthetically pleasing, which is the whole point of technology
  • Screen Time, which is the opposite of trying apps out; it’s the recent iOS feature that lets you enforce *limits* on your own use of apps. We’ll see how well that works…

Why the heck is this page here?

The inspiration for a “now” page originally comes from Derek Sivers, and I’ve liked the idea since I came across it a few years back. The concept now has its own site here: