What I’m doing at the moment (Mid-Dec 2018)

  • Putting a post a week on this blog (still without a queue… still working on it)
  • Working on the first draft of a novel; I’ve hired Joe Nassise as a coach, we’ve had several bi-weekly calls, and I’m excited about making progress (finally)!
    • To get more specific, I’m fleshing out characters and coming up with a list of scenes, which makes it much easier to find problems with the story structure and fix them than if I was doing so with, oh, I don’t know, a 100,000-word manuscript…

What I’m reading about

  • I’ve been reading James Clear’s Atomic Habits, and trying to build some of my own
  • I’m about halfway through Medieval Maritime Warfare, by Charles D. Stanton. I’m reading it for the benefit of the aforementioned novel (spoilers: there may be some maritime warfare involved). It’s quite engaging, though the author has a ponderous predilection for alliteration that’s really rather ridiculous 🙂
  • I’ve just grabbed To the Towers of Tulandan as an intro to Brad Beaulieu’s fiction. Three reasons: I haven’t been reading as much fiction as I’d like, lately; specifically, if I want to write fantasy I’d better be reading some good fantasy; Joe brought Brad up on one of our coaching calls and I reckoned I’d check him out

Apps I’m trying out

  • Streaks, which is a very nice way to encourage some of those atomic habits I mentioned above: it lets you define up to a dozen things to either do or not do, with flexible occurrence settings (like do this three times a day, do that once a week, do the other every Tuesday and Thursday…) and sends you notifications when you haven’t done them. And you can easily check things off in a satisfying way on your iPhone or Apple Watch. It’s nothing you couldn’t do with a pen and paper, but it’s automated and aesthetically pleasing, which is the whole point of technology

Why the heck is this page here?

The inspiration for a “now” page originally comes from Derek Sivers, and I’ve liked the idea since I came across it a few years back. The concept now has its own site here: