What I’m doing at the moment (July 2019)

  • Coming back from a long slump of not-writing, both here and in the draft
  • Working on my first novel; I’ve hired Joe Nassise as a coach, we’ve had several bi-weekly calls, and he hasn’t told me my writing sucks yet, so!
    • To get more specific, I’m 46,562 words in, with probably ~20,000 words left to go for the first draft

What I’m reading about

  • Running Down a Dream by Tim Grahl—I got a copy, and listened to Tim’s excellent talk, at the 2019 Craft + Commerce conference in Boise, ID in June.
  • The Miracle Morning for Writers by Hal Elrod and Steve Scott, recommended by Joe Nassise. Trying to cobble together a productive morning routine, and this book should help.
  • The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. I kept stumbling across references to this bizarre set of novels from the ’70s, and decided to grab a used trade-paperback copy. It’s… well, let’s let Wikipedia describe it:

    The trilogy is a satirical, postmodern, science fiction-influenced adventure story; a drug-, sex-, and magic-laden trek through a number of conspiracy theories, both historical and imaginary, related to the authors’ version of the Illuminati. The narrative often switches between third- and first-person perspectives in a nonlinear narrative. It is thematically dense, covering topics like counterculture, numerology, and Discordianism.

    …That’s about right. It’s an entertaining read. 🙂

Apps I’m trying out

  • I was turned on to Setapp by Brett Terpstra’s indispensable blog, and decided to give it a try. It’s a service that gives you access to a bunch of Mac apps for a flat monthly fee. There are several apps in there I’d thought about purchasing separately, so it seems worth it. More on this when I actually get around to trying those apps out…

Why the heck is this page here?

The inspiration for a “now” page originally comes from Derek Sivers, and I’ve liked the idea since I came across it a few years back. The concept now has its own site here: